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Deadman Technologies recognized a need in the Aviation industry for uncompromising safety in the refueling sector for aircraft. Current deadman technologies available are not tamper proof. They are jammable and defeatable which has caused substantial safety and environmental risks with recorded incidents. Some incidents result in personal injury and death. Investigations discover fuel operators defeat deadman devices and leave the plane unattended while refueling.. In some cases unattended planes overfill and spill jet fuel on tarmacs and runways. Spills are hazardous and require HAZMAT teams to engage. Costs for small spills reach into millions of dollars in hazardous waste clean-ups and fines. Spills drive revenue loss and put fuel farms and airports at legal risk and delay operations. All these issues are preventable. Our Deadman product solves them all and more.

Our patented Wireless Biometric Deadman requires a human touch. If the human touch is removed, the pumping system immediately stops. This technology prevents all artificial connections (jamming or defeating) from operating the system. Our patented Deadman further insures the Operator will be present at all times. Wireless technology adds an additional degree of safety by removing the cumbersome and bulky cables on current deadman systems.

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NEW  Wireline Biometric Touch-Sensitive Deadman

Our Wireline Touch-Sensitive Deadman has all the features of our Wireless Deadman -- has no buttons or switches and cannot be jammed or defeated because it requires a live body contact -- except it is wired directly rather than deploying a wireless connection. The cable is a four conductor cable. Two conductors are for power and ground (12VDC and Ground), and two conductors are for Deadman connectivity directly to the existing Deadman terminal bolt or standard Deadman connection.





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